How do I get a copy of your novel, The Ocean Above Me without paying for it?
Let me answer that in descending order of Worst Ways to Best Ways:

1. You could steal it.
I don’t recommend this. It cheats the bookstore, it cheats the publisher, it cheats me and it cheats you. Stealing a loaf of bread because you’re hungry (Jean Valjean) is one thing. But stealing a book, the very representative of civilized society, will bring down generations of bad karma on your head.

2. You could borrow it from your local library.
This is a wonderful idea. If they don’t have it in-house, ask them to get it. Only one problem. You have to give it back when you’re done. (See item #3 for the best alternative)

3. Get me to send you a signed copy.
How do you do that? Simple,
Step 1- Find the novel at your local bookstore.
Step 2 – Take a selfie holding the book above your head (Ocean above me, get it? ;  ).
(Try to show some of the shop, too!)
Step 3 – Post it to Facebook or LinkedIn and tag me.
Also, add to your post the following: Your Name/Bookstore Name/Location/Website link of the bookshop.

I will do a monthly drawing, using that month’s participant names, beginning in July and ending in October.


Winners can choose to receive a signed hardcover copy or a valuable, uncorrected galley copy numbered and signed.

If you’ve already bought or pre-ordered The Ocean Above Me, take a selfie at home (again, hold the copy over your head) to verify.
Your name will go into the monthly drawing twice.
(*Winners will be asked to provide proof of receipts before books are shipped.)

Thank you all for bearing with me during this shameless self-promotion countdown. I hope you enjoyed yourself at least a little – and learned about some cool bookshops around the country.

I now return you to your original programming.

Bookworks  (Albuquerque, NM)
“As one of Albuquerque’s last remaining local, independent bookstores, we are dedicated to supporting our community and connecting books and readers. And we are thankful that our community is devoted to supporting us. During COVID, a huge number of readers kept the store open with online and curbside sales.”